Sustainable Development Standards


Omega Energy has partnered up with several organizations allowing it to make progress in the oil and gas industry, and to develop strategies focused on the sustainability of our business.

Global Pact

Global Pact is a United Nations initiative undertaken voluntarily, through which companies commit to aligning their strategies and operations with 10 universally accepted principles in four areas:

  • Human rights
  • Labor standards
  • The environment
  • Fighting corruption

Global Pact is the world’s biggest corporate citizenship initiative by number of participants, with several thousands in more than 100 countries.

Social standards:

The company supports projects that benefit the communities where it operates, creating jobs and generating income through indirect social investments.
That’s why Omega Energy has voluntarily adopted the following international social standards:

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Global Reporting Initiative

Omega Energy operations are carried out with a strong commitment to responsibility, respect for the environment and the communities. Sustainable development is based on accountability of environmental impacts and controls, the promotion and respect of human rights and development in all areas of operation.
The company therefore seeks to:

  • Achieve the Development Goals of the Millenium by supporting and strengthening institutions within the area of influence of our operations.
  • Energize economic players in the region and create new initiatives in areas with competitive potential.
  • Support and implement projects to improve infrastructure at schools in areas within our influence.
  • Design and carry out social projects to promote water preservation.
  • Prevent, mitigate and compensate environmental and social impacts resulting from operations, in line with national and international regulations.
  • Support home-building initiatives for communities in areas within our influence.
  • Maintain good communications with government and private officials to coordinate public and private activities, to strengthen local institutions, empowering communities and citizens.
Corporate governance