Social Responsibility

responsabilidad social

Omega Energy operates with internationally accepted standards, like other top companies that include social responsibility among their highest values.

The company’s commitment to the public does not end in job creation or the purchase of goods and services, or the payment of royalties. It includes an intense and proactive social management within the communities. That’s the foundation of our work.

In order to guarantee the permanent improvement of social responsibility processes within the organization, we have established responsibilities and commitments.



Partners and Shareholders:

To guarantee the support and necessary resources to apply the Social Responsibility policy and to guarantee truthful, thorough and timely information for decision-making, ensuring the company’s growth in an environmentally harmonious way.


To apply the established principles of this policy, to support community development programs pursued by Omega Energy, and to carry out our work without harming the environment, making Social Responsibility a principle of individual behavior.



To Associates and Workers:

To set and design strategies that promote the associates’ personal and professional development in a pleasant and productive environment.

To Suppliers:

To strive for reciprocal benefit in our relations, promoting the values of sustainable development and best practices, respecting undertaken commitments and demanding Social Responsibility that practices are effectively applied in their work or contracts for Omega Energy.

To Communities:

To carry out projects that benefit the communities in the areas where we operate, creating jobs and income through indirect social investment, and supporting local management, contributing to improvements in the quality of life.

To the Environment:

To promote environmental awareness through participation in the generation and application of environmental and social policies, best practices in the use of resources, promoting sustainability and best practices in company operations.

To Government Officials:

To articulate institutional actions that lead to a positive impact in public entities, with the goal of strengthening institutions and promoting economic and social development.

To Customers:

To satisfy the customer as a consistent and dynamic goal, through a better understanding of his needs and the manner for serving them.

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