Omega Energy stands out for its constant search for cutting-edge technologies that allow it to develop its projects in the most innovative and efficient manner. This mark of distinction has led, among other things, to the success of the Corrales 3 Well, whose drilling demanded an investment of only $4 million, less than 10% of the money invested by another company in a similar operation in the same basin.

In the Buenavista field, which has double-lane road access –the only one in Colombia–, environmental impact was reduced and the project’s economic return was maximized by employing drilling technology for exploration wells, in addition to directional drilling.

In these and other projects Omega optimized resources to achieve the best results at the smallest possible cost, thus achieving higher profitability without compromising commitment to sustainable development.

Omega Energy is noted for its partnerships with the leading companies within each sector, which allow the company to maximize its operations and to share data and best practices.

Omega’s strategic plan is based on positioning the group as an effective and efficient partner for communities, governments and investors.

In this spirit, Omega Energy is also committed to the development of projects that involve issuing carbon credits through a reduction of methane gas emissions from oilfields.

Omega Energy expects to produce more than 100 million cubic feet of natural gas with zero flaring or burn-off, as part of our “made in Colombia” carbon credits project.

We want to do something big, for the whole world to see.

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