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Buenavista blockThe Buenavista block operated by Petroleum Equipment International, is located in the basin of the Eastern Cordillera and is divided into three areas: Santander and Corrales, which are under exploration and evaluation, and the area of ​​Bolivar, which is in phase production and desarrollo.Durante 2011 had drilled three wells, and in the course of 2012 drilled three more. In addition, a drilling campaign stratigraphic wells allowed to continue to findings shallow heavy oil to increase reserves developed. This year seven new wells could be drilled.
La Punta blockLa Punta block, operated by Vetra, is located in the eastern Llanos Basin and is divided into two areas: the area of ​​La Punta-development in production and development, and La Punta Exploratory phase of exploration and evaluation -. in 2011 a well was drilled and over 2012 have been drilled three more wells, increasing production of the field.
Llanos 21 blockThe Llanos 21 block, operated by Omega Energy Colombia, is located in the eastern Llanos Basin and is in the exploration stage and evaluación.Durante 2012 two exploration wells could be drilled in the context of a high production forecast because is close to large deposits.
Paloma y Midas blockThe Paloma and Midas blocks, operated by Union Temporal Petrocaribe are in the Middle Magdalena Basin and are in production and desarrollo.Durante 2011 and two wells were drilled during the 2012 drilling three more, increasing field production.
Investment in NigeriaInvestment in Nigeria focuses on the exploration, production and development of oil fields in the OML 110 block, located 10 miles offshore in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. In total, you have 60 feet deep and is located 10 kilometers from the existing facilities Chevron.El block OML 110 has high prospects as it is key to development and increased production asset, and is strategic for entry into new businesses onshore and offshore Nigeria.Durante during the first half of 2013 is expected to drill six wells.
Lousiana (E.E.U.U.)
Omega Energy USA owns a group of nine properties located in the state of Louisiana in the United States of America, a total area of 4,936.9 acres of land, (1,988.74 he). An initial report in 2012 stated that the land has agricultural vocation and as such can be planted with sugar cane; it was mentioned other economic activities that can be developed in order to get the larger and best use of the land.



Omega Energy research and acquire new technologies in order to optimize their operations and become more effective in the production of hydrocarbons.
Among other things, use the Merak Peep for economic modeling of oil and gas extraction. This system ensures that investment decisions by combining standards of tax regimes, prices, inflation, exchange rates and discount rates.
The Eclipse software, meanwhile, is the most complete and robust set of industry for reservoir simulation. So, as part of Omega Energy projects.

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