Omega’s Ten Principles

  1. Sustainable Development: Omega Energy promotes the development of the nation and of each area where it operates, improving the quality of life with job creation, protection of the environment and infrastructure works.
  2. Economic Value: The company creates economic benefits for its shareholders, its investors, its suppliers and its employees through the design and execution of projects aimed at maximum margins within the framework of a safe operation.
  3. Protection of the Environment: Exploration, production and marketing of oil and gas at Omega Energy are done under the strictest environmental rules and audits, with profound respect for nature and communities.
  4. Accountable and Efficient Management: Omega Energy manages its resources professionally and responsibly, sharing information with partners and officials, thus building long-term relationships.
  5. Well-being of our Human Talent: Omega Energy associates are permanently recognized and trained in order to enable them to carry out their mission with the highest potential, in a pleasant workplace and with deep respect for their personal well-being.
  6. Health and Safety, Priorities: Company operations are characterized by a permanent attention and investment in the healthcare and safety of communities and our associates.
  7. More Participation For Local Citizens:  For a more harmonious and effective operation in regard to communities, Omega Energy has an inclusive approach to local citizens, giving them key roles in our work.
  8. Responsible Hiring: Omega Energy chooses its suppliers after carrying out a thorough market research, setting conditions that guarantee a committed relationship and a more efficient management.
  9. State-of-the-art Technology: With the aim of becoming a leader in the oil and gas industry, the company invests in technology to achieve the highest performance through the use of modern and dynamic processes.
  10. Innovation with Renewable Energy: In its commitment to the environment, Omega Energy has launched the notable initiative of basing projects on the concept of generating carbon credits.
Corporate governance