Sep, 2012

Omega Energy: A company committed to Colombia and its future

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Omega Energy was recently recertified under international standards ISO9000, ISO14000 and OSHAS18001, reaffirming its leadership in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in Colombia.

As part of this commitment to quality and sustainable development, Omega this year developed its first Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a document that underscores its commitment to protecting the environment as well as maintaining good relations with the communities where it operates, with its suppliers and with public institutions.

Omega is a group of companies engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas in Colombia and other countries. One of these, Petroleum Equipment International (PEI), has been involved in oil services industry in Colombia since 1990 and has had an active presence in major oil-producing basins in the country. Recently, it made a major discovery in the Cordillera Basin, with the potential to turn a previously undeveloped area into a significant one for oil and gas development.

With a presence in Central and South America, we seek to expand into other markets, such as Nigeria, where we have concluded several contracts. Expansion into other markets is an essential part of the strategy of the company’s president, Omar Leal. He has also been the driving force behind the company’s constant quest for improvements in processes and efficiency through innovation, as well as the development of pioneering projects to reduce emissions and sell carbon credits, including environmental studies, the certification of reserves, and the successful bond issue in the U.S. market with Interbolsa.

“Our commitment is to Colombia, its people and its future,” says Mr. Leal. “At Omega, we bet on the country’s economy, we invest and generate jobs, we care about the environment and the quality of life of communities. We use the best available technology and most rigorous processes to ensure that all our operations are sustainable, reliable and safe for the environment.”.

With greater operational efficiency, our companies are involved in the entire oil and gas supply chain, – from seismic acquisition to exploration to development and construction of civil works, to drilling, stratigraphic drilling, mining, production, transportation and marketing of oil, gas and metals. In recent years, Omega has begun to venture into new businesses linked mainly to the energy sector, such as ethanol and power generation.

Through alliances with top-notch domestic and foreign companies, Omega Energy continues to develop projects that guarantee returns for its partners, as well as sustainable growth for the surrounding communities. These initiatives, as well as the company’s modern and accountable management model, make Omega Energy an excellent choice for investors, who value the model of socially responsible economic progress.

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