The Omega Energy group is the result of the consolidation of three companies, founded by the Leal family: Omega Energy International, Petroleum Equipment International and Pegasus Blending International.

Petroleum Equipment International S.A.S (PEI) has been involved in oil services, oil and gas exploration and production operations in Colombia since 1990, with an active presence in all the oil and gas-producing basins in the country. The company has recently made an important discovery in the Cordillera Basin, with the potential of turning a previously undeveloped area into a major oil and gas producing region.

Pegasus Blending International S.A.S. (PBI) is a company focused on processing condensed gases and marketing refined products, as well as producing fuels for industrial purposes. Based on its experience in this field, the company is also involved in the design, construction and operation of gas-processing plants.

Omega Energy International S.A. (OEI), together with its Colombian branch Omega Energy Colombia, pursues the exploration and development of all kinds of minerals and hydrocarbons. The company operates the Llanos 21 oilfield, a concession awarded by Colombia’s National Hydrocarbons Agency. Omega Energy Colombia is responsible for most of the administrative and support functions within the Omega Energy group and oversees the management of the other companies.

Since its beginnings, the goal of Omega Energy has been to become a leading company in the oil and gas market with a strong commitment to the overall development of Colombia, as well as the communities within which it operates.

Corporate governance