Corporate governance


Guidelines for Employees

Omega Energy respects and protects human rights guided by the principles embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Conventions of the International Labour Organization ( ILO).

The working regulations of Omega Energy ensures zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment , and the conditions required to ensure a safe working and organizational culture is oriented toward ethical behavior.

Government Relations

Omega Energy, its officers and employees, propose transparent and mutual collaboration with other local governments and the national government relations.

Committed to the development of the areas in which it operates , the company invests to ensure environmental protection and growth of the communities in which it operates.

It is also proposed as mediator with the State to provide solutions to various needs arising between citizens.

Guidelines for Investors

Omega Energy offers investors long-term relationships based on the efficient management and transparent information. To do this , you have a system that guarantees the correct design of the projects, according to ethical procedures and regulations.

Investors can access the information in real time, with a modern method and based on latest technology.

For all your current and future initiatives, the company is seeking suitable partners , according to the commitment of caring for the sustainable development , the environment and respect for human rights.

Community Relations

In each of the communities in which it operates , Omega Energy deploys resources to ensure improvement in the quality of life of citizens. In many cases, moreover, acts as an intermediary with the state meet needs or concerns.

The company creates jobs, invests in infrastructure and meets various social responsibility programs , so as to benefit the various stakeholders in each of the regions to which it arrives.

Therefore, throughout its history , Omega Energy has built strong and caring relationships that endure beyond the projects themselves.

Letter from the President

We are proud to be involved with Colombia . With its development , its people , to the future. Omega bet without speculation to strengthen the country’s economy from the oil sector growth .
Invest and generate jobs. We approach the communities. We create projects. We offer the best technology. We , in short, everything that is in our power to give added value and sustainability.
We care about the environment . We deals . Therefore, we are meticulous and firm in the care of resources. We audit our operations and activities to be reliable and safe for the environment in which we work.
Trust and care for our employees. We want you to feel the same passion as us. We offer a career and a lot of respect . We make them part of this family . They, along with our partners and suppliers, form the heart of our daily lives .
It is vital then listening to communities . The help . We propose as intermediaries with the public administration . We seek the common good.

We believe that this is the best deal .
Omar Leal
President of Omega Energy.