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Omega Energy is a group of companies engaged in the exploration, exploitation and marketing of hydrocarbons , activities carried out within a framework of social and environmental responsibility , ensuring a sustainable future for communities and profitability to partners and allies.

Omega Energy invests primarily in Colombia , but also in projects in South America and Africa. In all cases , exploits and produces oil with international partners, providing technical expertise, services , direct operations , personnel, equipment , tools and supplies.

Omega Energy offers added value throughout its supply chain to meet the technical, logistical and financial projects to create self-sustaining business units needs. Among other things , deals with :

The construction and development of civil works
The seismic acquisition
Scanning through the perforation holes of different classes
Transportation and marketing of oil , gas and minerals
In turn, promotes Omega Energy designs and new projects related to the energy sector in the area of ​​biofuels , mainly ethanol plants , biodiesel, carbon and electricity generation.

Omega Energy initiatives are supported by the work of more than 100 highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and deep knowledge.

Omega Energy is mainly composed of three companies :

Omega Energy International SA (OEI ) Panama and Colombia branch .
Petroleum Equipment International Ltd. ( PEI) Colombia
Blending Pegasus International ( PBI ) Colombia



We are a group of Oil and Gas companies to grow thanks to our conviction and motivation to make a positive impact on humans and the planet, creating shared value with our stakeholders through the discovery and production of energy.



Continue to grow and evolve to consolidate in 2024 as a leading corporation in the global energy sector. Supported by our inspirational and committed talent through innovation and the use and application of technology.

Principles and Values

1 Equality. Zero tolerance for discrimination
. 2 Reliability: Safety in the value generated
. 3 Inspiration: Exploration
. 4 Transparency: Access and reliability of information
. 5 Innovation: Adapting to changing
. 6 Persistence: Firmness in our purposes
. 7 Respect: Tolerance and care for humans and the environment
. 8 Responsibility: Awareness and value of our acts
9 Excellency. Decided to be the best
10. Passion: Courage

Corporate governance